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B-14 (231) D. Procházková, Seismicity of Central Europe

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1. Introduction, 3

2. Survey of partial studies of Central Europe seismicity, 6

2.1 Distribution of earthquake foci, 6

2.2 Properties of macroseismic fields and delimitation of seismoactive faults, 7

2.3 Maps of the strongest observed intensities, 11

2.4 Mechanisms and focal parameters of earthquakes, 11

2.5 Distribution of the number of earthquakes according to epicentre intensity, 12

2.6 Seismic intervals, 14

2.7 Long-term time pattern of earthquake occurrence, 15

2.8 Short-term time pattern of earthquake occurrence, 17

2.9 Earthquake occurrence in space and time, 19

3. Synthetic seismological characteristics of Central Europe, 22

4. Conclusion, 28

References, 29

Sejsmiczność Europy Środkowej (streszczenie), 33

Table I - Macroseismic data processing, 34

Table II - Frequency dependences in the study area, 54

Table III - Time pattern of earthquake regions in the study area, 80

Table IV - Description of individual earthquake groups, 86

Table V - Statistical relations between macroseismic intensities and other parameters, 92

Table VI - Space-time tendency in earthquake occurrence, 94

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