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B-21 (316) Seismological Bulletin 1991-1992. Local Earthquakes Recorded by the Polish Seismological Stations

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D. Draber, B. Guterch, H. Lewandowska-Marciniak, Local earthquakes recorded by the Polish seismological stations 1991-1992 (general information), 3

Upper Silesian Coal Basin 1991, 9

Lubin Copper Basin 1991, 41

Upper Silesian Coal Basin 1992, 57

Lubin Copper Basin 1992, 103

Western Carpathians 1992, 125

Sudetes 1992, 129

Bełchatów Surface Coal Mine 1992, 131

B. Guterch, H. Lewandowska-Marciniak, P. Labak, J. Niewiadomski, Macroseismic data of local seismic events 1992-1993, Krynica region, Western Carpathians, 133

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