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C-65 (302) V.Yu. Semenov, Regional Conductivity Structures of the Earth´s Mantle

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Introduction, 3

I. Modern possibilities of local deep soundings, 5

I.1 Magnetovariation (MV) methods for deep soundings, 5

I.2 The magnetotelluric (MT) method of soundings, 8

I.3 Relation of impedances with resistivity tensor, 13

I.4 MV data processing and selection of direction, 18

I.5 MT data processing and response averaging, 23

I.6 Possible influence of nonlinear conductivities, 28

I.7 1-D modelling and inversions in spherical geometry, 34

II. Observatory and satellite regional soundings, 38

II.1 Verification of the Dst source model, 38

II.2 Observatory soundings and their accuracy, 42

II.3 Results of soundings and the lithospheric plates, 45

II.4 Satellite (MAGSAT) regional soundings, 49

II.5 On the lower mantle sounding, 56

III. Soundings in Central Europe, 60

III.1 The North Central European region, 60

III.2 The Pannonian Basin, 68

III.3 The East Central European region, 77

III.4 The Byelorussian region, 79

IV. Soundings in the Pacific Ocean region, 83

IV.1 The New Zealand region, 83

IV.2 The North Pacific region, 87

IV.3 An active subduction zone, 91

IV.4 The Antarctic peninsula, 95

V. Discussion and conclusions, 98

V.1 Asthenosphere conductive zone, 98

V.2 Conductive and other structures of the mid-mantle, 100

V.3 Conclusions, 101

References, 103

Appendix. Local sounding responses, 113

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