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C-1 (102) Paleomagnetism and Magnetic Properties of Rocks 1975

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Preface, 3

M. Jeleńska, M. Kądziałko-Hofmokl, V. Kropaček, J. Kruczyk, Oxidation processes and the NRM directions of basaltic rocks from the Bohemian Massif, 5

V.I. Bagin, Yu.G. Gukasyan, K.I. Karapetyan, E.Kh. Kharazyan, D.M. Pecherskiy, G.N. Petrova, et al., Petromagnetic analysis of the late Pliocene-Quaternary igneous rocks from the Kechut Ridge and Lori Plateau (Armenia), 19

V.I. Bagin, Yu.G. Gukasyan, G.N. Petrova, D.M. Pecherskiy, A. Sukhorada, E.Kh. Kharazyan, Z.V. Sharonova, Petromagnetic analysis of the igneous rocks of the North Arc and the evolution of magma chambers of the late Pliocene-Quaternary Armenian volcanos, 29

D.M. Pecherskiy, Magnetic properties of the Pacific and Atlantic oceanic volcanic rocks in comparison with continental volcanic rocks, 39

A.M. Glevasskaya, N.P. Mikhaylova, V.N. Tsykora, Some peculiarities of the magneto-mineralogical characteristics of volcanic roks in the Alpine area, USSR, related to the conditions of the rock formation, 51

V. Kropaček, The magnetic properties of young volcanic rocks of the Bohemian Massif, 65

V. Kropaček, Changes of the magnetic properties of tertiary alkaline basalts under oxidation of titanomagnetites, 75

V.A. Zhilyaeva, G.N. Petrova, G.P. Kudryavtseva, Self-reversal of TRM in ferrospinels, 87

J. Kruczyk, Thermally stimulated exoelectron emission as a method of studying the oxidation processes in magnetites and titanomagnetites, 99

M. Kądziałko-Hofmokl, Magnetic anisotropy of basaltic rocks from Lower Silesia (preliminary results), 113

P. Tuchołka, Remanent magnetization of loess, 127

J. Ostrowski, A method for determining the non-westward drift of the Earth´s magnetic field, 143

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