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C-95 (386) T. Ernst, W. Jóźwiak, (eds.), Study of Geological Structures Containing Well-Conductive Complexes in Poland

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T. Ernst, Preface, 3

W. Jóźwiak, T. Ernst, Main conductivity anomalies in Poland in relation to the geological structure, 5

J. Jankowski, O. Praus, W. Jóźwiak, Carpathian anomaly of electrical conductivity: history of its discovery and interpretation, 17

S. Kováčiková, V. Červ, B.T. Ladanivskyy, I.M. Logvinov, O. Praus, V. Tarasov, Modelling of conductance within the West and Ukrainian Carpathians, 29

V. Haak, Graphite, water, melts in crustal shear zones: modern induction studies and case stories, 39

A.A. Zhamaletdinov, On electronically conductive nature of the Carpathian anomaly (geoelectric, geothermal and geodynamic aspects), 43

A. Cyganiak, Line currents as a means of displaying induction arrow information and preparing 3D modeling, 59

V.Yu. Semenov, T. Ernst, K. Nowożyński, J. Pek, EMTESZ Working Group, Estimation of the deep geoelectrical structure beneath TESZ in NW Poland, 63

I.M. Varentsov, E.Yu. Sokolova, EMTESZ-Pomerania WG, The magnetic control approach for the reliable estimation of transfer functions in the EMTESZ-Pomerania project, 67

V. Červ, J. Pek, O. Praus, M. Becken, M. Smirnov, Short 2004 MT profile in the vicinity of TESZ, 81

N.A. Palshin, M. Smirnov, EMTESZ Working Group, Characterization of the cultural electromagnetic noise, 87

W. Jóźwiak, M. Neska, Electromagnetic sounding in SW Baltic region: significant induction anomaly indicated by perturbation vectors, 97

I.M. Varentsov, E.Yu. Sokolova, E.R. Martanus, EMTESZ-Pomerania WG, Array view on electromagnetic transfer functions in the EMTESZ-Pomerania project, 107

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