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D-15 (157) Atmospheric Ozone, Optics of Atmosphere, Solar Radiation, 1981

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A. Dziewulska-Łosiowa, M. Degórska, B. Rajewska-Więch, Total amount of atmospheric ozone and its vertical distribution, Belsk 1981, 3

A. Michałowska-Smak, J. Słomka, Solar radiation and supplementary meteorological elements, Belsk 1981, 23

J. Słomka, K. Słomka, Insolation at Belsk in the vegetation period of 1981, 37

A. Michałowska-Smak, Measurements of spectral atmospheric transparency at Belsk, March 1979 - June 1980, 41

A. Michałowska-Smak, W. Skubiszak, Measurements of total amount of atmospheric ozone and spectral atmospheric transparency on Spitsbergen, July 1980 - July 1981, 63

A. Dziewulska-Łosiowa, More about the influence of the aerosol correction on the results of total ozone amount, 75

A. Dziewulska-Łosiowa, B. Rajewska-Więch, The estimation of the absorption coefficients of ozone adopted for the Dobson spectrophotometer in the new selected additional wavelengths, 81

B. Morys, J. Słomka, K. Słomka, New analog recording system for global solar radiation in the Geophysical Observatory at Belsk, 91

A. Michałowska-Smak, K. Żółtowska, The net long-wave radiation under the cloudless sky in Poland, 99

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