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D-26 (198) Papers on Atmospherical Electricity

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S. Michnowski, S. Israelsson, J. Parfiniewicz, M.A. Enaytollah, E. Pišler, A case of thunderstorm system development inferred from lightning distribution, 3

P. Barański, S. Michnowski, Variations of the electric field and precipitation measured under thunderclouds in Warsaw, 59

D. Nguyen Manh, Lightning observations at Tam Dao, 75

F. Märcz, Atmospheric electric potential gradient following selected flare events, 85

D. Nguyen Manh, Variation of atmospheric electric field at Sapa, 97

B.N. Raina, B.A. Makhdoomi, Some characteristic features of variability of atmospheric parameters at Guimarg, 105

S. Warzecha, Results of atmospheric-electricity measurements at Świder after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, 137

S. Warzecha, S. Michnowski, On the effect of insolation on aerosol and atmospheric ions density at Świder, 155

E. Åström, S. Michnowski, On the application of the dynamical method for recording of electric fields by a dual field-mill, 181

J. Berliński, Modelling of ion trajectory for computing the resolution error of an ion mobility analyzer, 201

S. Warzecha, Electronic recorder of atmospheric precipitation for the needs of atmospheric electricity station, 209

J. Berliński, S. Michnowski, Partly insulated wire antenna for electric field and air-earth current measurements in the free atmosphere, 215

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