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D-64 (371) J.W. Krzyścin (ed.), Atmospheric Ozone, Solar Radiation, Belsk 2003. *** Ozone and UV Radiation over Central Europe. GEODEV Workshop.

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B. Rajewska-Więch, Total amount of atmospheric ozone and its vertical distribution, Belsk 2003, 3

J. Jarosławski, B. Rajewska-Więch, Total ozone, sulfur dioxide and UV-B radiation measurements with the Brewer spectrophotometer No. 64 at Belsk, Poland, 2003, 27

J. Jarosławski, Measurements of atmospheric trace gases at Belsk, Poland, 2003, 41

S. Puchalski, J. Podgórski, P. Sobolewski, Solar radiation, Belsk 2003, 55

J. Krzyścin, Ozone and UV radiation over Central Europe, GEODEV Workshop, Jachranka, Poland, October 20-22, 2003. Summary, 63

M. Białek, Long-term tendencies in total ozone over Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, 67

M. Chmelik, Ten years of total ozone monitoring at Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, 71

M. Degórska, J.W. Krzyścin, B. Rajewska-Więch, J. Jarosławski, Seasonal variation of the relative differences of total ozone measurements taken by the Dobson and Brewer spectrophotometers at Belsk, 73

B. Rajewska-Więch, J.W. Krzyścin, Comparison of the vertical profiles from satellite and ground-based observations over Belsk, 77

K. Vaniček, Consistency of long-term total ozone observations in Hradec Kralove - outputs from the project CANDIDOZ, 83

M. Sojáková, Ground-level ozone in Slovak Republic, 87

M. Váňa, Trends of surface ozone at the Czech regional GAW and EMEP stations, 91

J.W. Krzyścin, Analyses of the clear-sky UV irradiances (1992-2003) measured by the broadband instrument (SL 501A): ozone profile and aerosols forcing on the UV radiation over Belsk, 95

A. Pribullová, Biologically effective UV radiation over Slovakia - measurements and forecasts, 99

J. Jarosławski, Short and long-term variability of aerosol optical depth over Belsk from the Brewer spectrophotometer measurements (1992-2002), 105

Z. Tóth, Aerosol optical depth calculated from multispectral measurements for standard wavelengths and its effects on surface UV, 111

Z. Tóth, J. Márfy, Long-term variations of atmospheric radiation transmission over Budapest, 117

K. Eerme, Changes in spring-summer cirrus cloud amount and other cloudiness related characteristics over Estonia (1958-2002), 123

J. Podgórski, Changes in solar global radiation in 1968-2002 and in sunshine duration in 1961-2002 registered at the Central Geophysical Observatory at Belsk, 127

P. Sobolewski, Trends in chosen factors affecting UV level at the Polish Polar Station in Hornsund, Svalbard, 1978-2002, 131

J.L. Borkowski, Wavelets - a tool in ozone and UV time series analysis, 135

S. Puchalski, Investigation of the atmosphere by lidar at the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1972-2002, 139

U. Veismann, UV sensors based on solar blind phototubes, 143

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