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E-2 (325) P.M. Rowiński, J.J. Napiórkowski, (eds.), Water Quality Issues in the Upper Narew Valley

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P.M. Rowiński, J.J. Napiórkowski, Water quality issues in the Upper Narew valley (preface), 3

J. Sendzimir, Integrating scientific inquiry and conservation practice in a dynamic world, 7

E.R. Holley, Field tests for evaluating hydraulic transport processes in rivers, 39

W. Czernuszenko, Quality models of river waters, 53

P.M. Rowiński, Transient storage and aggregated dead-zone concepts in braided rivers, 71

T. Dysarz, J.J. Napiórkowski, Problems involved in the numerical controlling of spring flooding, 89

S. Radwan, Displacement of matter (including pollutants) in running waters according to the river continuum concept, 107

P. Banaszuk, A. Wysocka-Czubaszek, The role of natural biogeochemical barriers in protection of surface waters against eutrophication, 119

J. Staniaszek, Quality of surface waters in Podlaskie voivoidship, 135

H. Jaros, M. Biesiada, The Narew National Park - protection functions of natural values, 143

W. Mioduszewski, Water management problems in the Upper Narew river catchment in the aspect of protection of natural values of the Narew National Park, 163

W. Wiśniewolski, Siemianówka reservoir and water ecosystems of the Narew National Park, 175

M. Biesiada, I. Jarząbek, Summary of a panel discussion during the meeting held in Białystok on July 11, 2000, 183

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