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E-5 (387) M.S. Altinakar, W. Czernuszenko, P.M. Rowiński, S.S.Y. Wang (eds.), Computational Modeling for the Development of Sustainable Water-Resources Systems in Poland. US-Poland Technology Transfer Program

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S.S.Y. Wang, Foreword, 3

S.S.Y. Wang, Preface, 5

W. Czernuszenko, P.M. Rowiński, Acknowledgements, 7

Opening addresses during the closing workshop September 30 - October 2, 2004, Mądralin Conference Center, Warsaw, Poland, 9

M.A. Latif, Opening address, 11

M.J. Gromiec, Opening address, 13

W. Majewski, Opening address, 15

P.M. Rowiński, Opening address, 17

M.S. Altinakar, Opening address, 19

Funded research projects, 25

P.M. Rowiński, J.J. Napiórkowski, M. Osuch, Recognition of hydrological processes in the Upper Narew multichannel river system and their influence on region sustainable development, 27

W. Bartnik, K. Banasik, L. Książek, A. Radecki-Pawlik, A. Strużyński, Forecasting of fluvial processes on the Skawa river within back-water reach of the Świnna Poręba water reservoir, 57

J. Żelaziński, J. Brański, A. Kadłubowski, S. Wereski, Application of the CCHE models for explanation of factors causing deep erosion of Vistula river bed in Warsaw, 87

T. Dysarz, R. Szymkiewicz, K. Weinerowska, Application of the CCHE1D model to the problem of flood control in Nysa Kłodzka reservoir system in Poland, 115

M. Robakiewicz, Ł. Sobczak, The influence of river training on hydrodynamics and morphological changes in open channel flow on the example of the Lower Vistula River, 149

K. Banasik, L. Hejduk, Z. Popek, Sediment problems of small river catchments and reservoirs in Poland, 179

J. Kubrak, T. Okruszko, D. Mirosław-Świątek, I. Kardel, Recognition of hydraulic conditions in the Upper Narew river system and their influence on the wetland habitats in the river valley, 209

A. Magnuszewski, E. Kiedrzyńska, I. Wagner-Łotkowska, M. Zalewski, Immobilising of sediments in a lowland river floodplain, 239

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