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E-4 (377) M. Liszewska (ed.), Potential Climate Changes and Sustainable Water Management

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Z. Kaczmarek, Preface, 5

H. von Storch, Interpretation of climate models results, downscaling needs and options, 7

M. Liszewska, Climate reconstructions and projections for Poland and Central Europe, 19

J. Wibig, Long-term variability of cloudiness and its relation to precipitation on the example of Łódź, 25

Z. Kaczmarek, Climate change and European water resources, 33

L.G. Cadavid, J.T.B. Obeysekera, P.J. Trimble, D.P. Loucks, Sustainable water management in uncertain environments: a case example, 39

L. Starkel, Clustering of extreme rainfalls in the present-day and historical records, 47

S. Dakova, Characteristics of Bulgarian rivers due to changing climate, 53

H.T. Mengelkamp, A. Dubicki, D. Dybkowska-Stefek, R. Ewertowski, H. Messal, M. Wissen, Z. Woźniak, ODRAFLOOD a hydrological model for the Odra watershed, 55

J. Kindler, EU water framework directive in the face of climatic uncertainties, 65

M.S. Zalewski, I. Wagner-Łotkowska, Climate change and ecohydrology paradigm, 71

D.A. Wiberg, K.M. Strzepek, Climate change: a boon or a bane to water resources management in China, 79

Z.W. Kundzewicz, Hydrological extremes in the face of climate change, 85

List of participants, 91

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