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M-5 (155) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Piaski, 22-27 IX 1980 *** Some Geophysical Problems in Mines

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S.J. Gibowicz, Z. Droste, B. Guterch, J. Hordejuk, The Bełchatów earthquakes induced by surface mining (in Polish), 3

P. Fučík, Source parameters of rockbursts in the Kladno area (in Czech), 27

V. Roček, J. Skořepová, Convergence and its relation to sudden changes of stress within the rock mass, 37

A. Kijko, E. Głowacka, M. Dessokey, Statistical test of mutual dependence of seismic activity in two mining regions (in Polish), 47

R. Ostrihansky, Z. Gerlach, Assessment of rockburst risk in coal mining regions on the basis of changes in seismic activity (in Polish), 57

S. Lasocki, Statistical method of estimating the probability of occurrence of strong mining shocks in the longwall region (in Polish), 73

A. Cichy, S. Lasocki, Some possibilities of statistical interpreting mining microseismological data from the point of view of estimating rockburst danger (in Polish), 85

L. Graca, B. Syrek, An attempt to determine the depth of mining shock foci in the "Wujek" mine region (in Polish), 101

M. Kupras, E. Paszta, The application of the method for spatial location of mining shocks in the "Szombierki" colliery (in Polish), 111

A. Kijko, M. Kazimierczyk, A. Szura, Problems of focus location of mining shocks in the Legnica-Głogów Copper Region (in Polish), 117

A. Kijko, M. Dessokey, E. Głowacka, M. Kazimierczyk, Preliminary assessment of recurrence of very strong seismic shocks in mines of the Lubin-Głogów Copper Region (in Polish), 131

J. Szczerba, M. Kazimierczyk, A. Bober, Seismic activity and rockburst danger in the "Lubin" mine (in Polish), 145

W. Stopiński, J. Hoduń, Phenomena accompanying the state of stresses and stress release of a rock body in the light of electric resistance study (in Polish), 159

W. Stopiński, K. Wasilewski, L. Mucha, J. Konopacki, Instrument for daily measurements of changes in rock body resistivity in mines (in Polish), 181

W. Stopiński, L. Mucha, J. Konopacki, Geoelectric instrument MSK-01 (in Polish), 191

S. Tomecka-Suchoń, Dynamics of resistivity changes of coal specimens influenced by compressive stresses (in Polish), 199

Z. Skudrzyk, Laboratory studies of seismoacoustic activity of coal (in Polish), 213

J. Koza, L. Graca, The methods for dynamic phenomena recording used up to now in the "Wujek" mine (in Polish), 227

K. Ziaja, Z. Wróblewski, A. Bober, Seismic activity associated with mining of the pillar of support between old works (in Polish), 235

R. Kowalska, Determination of the magnitudes of rockbursts within the Upper Silesian Region and the Lubin Copper Mine Region recorded by seismological station at Książ (in Polish), 247

M. Kazimierczyk, Unusual forms of seismic records obtained in the mines (in Polish), 253

A. Goszcz, Tectonophysical causes for shock occurrence and natural proneness of coal to rockburst in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (in Polish), 261

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