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M-6 (176) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Książ, 9-13 V 1983 *** Some Geophysical Problems in Mines

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S.J. Gibowicz, Przedmowa, 3

Introduction, 5

J. Kozák, V. Rudajev, J. Šilený, Possible model of rockburst mechanism with implosion component, 7

S.J. Gibowicz, The mechanism of large mining tremors in Poland (in Polish), 21

M. Kazimierczyk, R. Kowalska, Catalogue of major mining shocks from the Legnica-Głogów copper region recorded by the seismological station at Książ in the years 1972-1982 (in Polish), 51

A. Kijko, E. Głowacka, T. Stankiewicz, The effect of errors of velocity and seismic station positions on the accuracy of shock location (in Polish), 65

A. Kijko, T. Stankiewicz, E. Głowacka, The efficiency of location of seismic events when the seismogeological model bears a systematic error (in Polish), 79

B. Drzęźla, A.J. Mendecki, A method for simultaneous location of shock foci in the rock mass and determination of parameters of the adopted P-wave travel time (in Polish), 91

B. Drzęźla, A.J. Mendecki, An algorithm for simultaneous location of a group of shocks according to a mixed method (in Polish), 101

J. Kornowski, Seismic wave velocity determination in the Upper Silesia region for source location purposes (in Polish), 109

J. Kornowski, J. Wolnicka, Effect of seismic wave velocity on source location (in Polish), 115

B. Syrek, The occurrence of shock foci around and active mining front (in Polish), 129

M. Kazimierczyk, Character of variations of seismic wave velocities (in Polish), 139

H. Marcak, Geophysical models of development of destruction process in the rock mass prior to rockbursts (in Polish), 149

Z. Fajklewicz, Dilatational model of mining shocks in the light of their forecasting by the microgravimetric method (in Polish), 175

W. Stopiński, Dilatational-threshold model of resistivity changes in partly saturated rocks (in Polish), 199

V. Dragan, Application of vertical electric sounding (VES) to the indication of sudden subsidence and slumping risks, 233

V. Rudajev, V. Dragan, K. Kašák, Correlation of seismoacoustic and seismic data for the purpose of prediction of rockbursts, 249

S. Tomecka-Suchoń, Correlation between the presence of cracks and the elastic and electrical parameters of coal samples (in Polish), 263

A. Goszcz, Dynamical moduli of elasticity of a coal seam as a measure of its susceptibility to rockburst (in Polish), 273

J. Gustkiewicz, Z. Skudrzyk, Deformation and acoustic emission characteristics of rocks under uniaxial compressive stress (in Polish), 291

T. Bugno, B. Cianciara, H. Marcak, Prediction of critical acceleration frequency in a mining area (in Polish), 309

J. Dubiński, M. Szot, A Dybciak, P. Komandowski, Application of geophysical methods in the problems of gas and rock outbursts (in Polish), 321

V. Skála, V. Roček, Facing the rockburst phenomena in the bituminous coal district of Kladno, 345

W. Zuberek, B. Żogała, L. Kińczyk, Energy distribution of shocks from the mining region of the "Szombierki" colliery (in Polish), 357

B. Drzęźla, A.J. Mendecki, E. Marcela, The effect of mining conditions on seismic activity at the example of the "Miechowice" mine (in Polish), 377

K. Ziaja, J. Markowski, A. Bober, M. Kazimierczyk, Nature of rockburst in the "Lubin" mine (in Polish), 385

A. Kijko, An attempt to asses the recurrence of seismic events in the region of the "Bełchatów" brown coal mine (in Polish), 401

D. Aleksandrowicz, Z. Droste, J. Hordejuk, Analogue determination of seismic spectra (in Polish), 419

V. Vavrycuk, Objective analysis of types of rockburst records, 439

J. Kornowski, The effect of the measuring instrument on the seismogram shape on the example of the Thermionic T-8100 system with a Willmore MK II seismometer (in Polish), 451

B. Kasprzak, Estimation of errors of frequency characteristic in the galvanometer-seismometer seismic channel (in Polish), 459

P. Kościelny, B. Syrek, Measurement of parameters of ground vibrations by means of a seismometer located at the Earth s surface in the "Wujek" mine (in Polish), 467

V. Roček, J. Pulchart, Convergence meter KE II - description and operating instructions, 477

L. Hrdlička, M. Lukášová, W. Stopiński, W. Wojtak, Sclerometric characteristics of material surface, 485

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