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M-10 (213) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Lubiatów, 18-22.05.1987 r. *** Some Geophysical Problems in Mines

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Introduction, 3

Z. Fajklewicz, K. Jakiel, J. Madej, Microgravity research of a rock loosening zone in the floor of mining working (in Polish), 5

Z. Fajklewicz, K. Jakiel, J. Madej, J. Radomiński, Results of vertical gravity logging in mining shafts of Upper Silesian hard coal mines: "W. Pstrowski" and "Miechowice" (in Polish), 17

Z. Fajklewicz, R. Teisseyre, Density changes related to a crack induced dilatancy and to an advance of mining workings (in Polish), 35

W. Stopiński, A. Ponomariew, W. Łoś, Use of electric resistivity changes in laboratory studies of dynamic destruction of a medium (in Polish), 43

W. Stopiński, G. Sobolew, A. Ponomariew, W. Łoś, Fast-changing dynamic processes in a medium subject to loading, as detected by resistivity measurements (in Polish), 69

K. Teisseyre, Model of anisotropic resistivity changes and its application to mining problems (in Polish), 77

J. Gustkiewicz, A.F. Idziak, L. Chodyń, A. Kanciruk, L. Stanisławski, A. Goszcz, W. Zuberek, Changes in seismic wave velocity and electrical apparent resistivity due to rock mass deformation caused by underground mining (in Polish), 97

A. Cichy, Stress distributions around a vertical slip crack interacting with a mining face (in Polish), 109

S. Orzepowski, S. Siewierski, W. Bugajski, C. Bachowski, Evaluation of the state of rockbody based vertical and horizontal deformation of boreholes in a copper mine (in Polish), 119

S. Orzepowski, S. Siewierski, W. Bugajski, C. Bachowski, Measurement of vertical and horizontal deformation of boreholes in copper mine "Rudna" (in Polish), 129

A. Goszcz, Effect of some technological (mining) factors on the state of mining shock and rockburst hazard (in Polish), 141

L. Jedlińska, Geophysical investigations carried out in salt mines to assess the state of stresses in a rock mass (in Polish), 155

T. Cieszkowski, M. Kazimierczyk, T. Szeląg, Effect of mining on the occurrence of breaks in roof rocks (in Polish), 173

M. Kazimierczyk, P. Kijewski, T. Szeląg, Tectonic and mining aspects of major mining tremors occurring in the Legnica-Głogów Basin (in Polish), 187

K. Holub, S. Knotek, Z. Vajter, Microseismology and its application in the prevention of rockbursts in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field, Czechoslovakia, 203

R. Materzok, Theoretical travel-times for the Upper Silesian Industrial Region (in Polish), 217

B. Růžek, Qualitative comparison of low- and high-velocity seismic channels, 235

R. Makowski, Approximation and filtration of a seismic signal, 253

M. Kazimierczyk, Evaluation of fracture and destressing on the basis of period and amplitude of the S wave (in Polish), 265

Z. Kasina, Influence medium model parameters and processing parameters to results of solution of tomography direct task with application of curvelinear seismic ray (in Polish), 269

B. Syrek, A. Kijko, Energy-frequency distributions of seismic activity and their relation to rockburst hazard (an example of longwall openings in the "Wujek" colliery) (in Polish), 281

B. Syrek, R. Sarnek, Assessment of rockburst hazard in the Katowice Coal District mines based on an analysis of coefficient b in the Guttenberg-Richter relation (in Polish), 299

E. Głowacka, V. Rudajev, V. Bucha, An attempt of continuous evaluation of seismic hazard induced by deposit extraction for the Robert Field in the "Gottwald" mine in Kladno, Czechoslovakia, 311

E. Głowacka, A. Korytyński, B. Syrek, Continuous assessment of seismic hazard resulting from mining in the "Gottwald" colliery, Upper Silesia (in Polish), 321

J. Dubiński, J. Dworak, A. Goszcz, R. Sadlok, Geophysical assessment of the effect of undercutting of rockburst-prone seam 504 in the "Dymitrow" mine (in Polish), 339

B. Drzęźla, J. Białek, A. Jaworski, A method of predicting stress distribution in the areas influenced by remnants of underground extraction (in Polish), 351

A. Kijko, R. Kowalska, Assessment of seismic hazard in mines of the Lubin-Głogów Copper Region (in Polish), 363

R. Kowalska, Catalogue of major mining shocks from the Legnica-Głogów Copper Basin recorded by the seismological station at Książ in the years 1983-1986 (in Polish), 379

R. Bigos, K. Holub, V. Štverka, New generation of measuring instruments for the network of mine seismologic stations in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field (in Czech), 393

J. Kornowski, H. Sokołowski, A. Waśko, Range of frequencies of seismoacoustic signals in mining applications (in Polish), 403

J. Kořínek, P. Kalenda, Results of parmetrical measurements of seismoacoustic impulses from the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin (in Czech), 417

J. Kornowski, H. Sokołowski, M. Trombik, A. Waśko, The induced seismoacoustic activity method and its application to the evaluation of rockburst hazard (in Polish), 429

E. Czech, Z. Pilecki, H. Tomanek, An example of determination of seismoacoustic activity prior to shocks (in Polish), 437

L. Hrdlička, Report on the utilization of a non-explosive agent in experimental seismoacoustics, 451

I. Tomza, A. Goszcz, A. Kotyrba, J. Michalak, M. Wysocka, An analysis of radiohydrogeological and geothermal anomalies in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (in Polish), 455

J. Lebecka, K. Mnich, K. Lebecki, Z. Kobiela, Radon in gases from coal seams prone to outburst (in Polish), 463

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