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M-15 (235) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Radków, 5-10 czerwca 1989 r. *** Some Geophysical Problems in Mines, Radków, 5-10 June 1989

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Z. Fajklewicz, S. Bielecki, C. Ostrowski, S. Porzucek, J. Radomiński, Microgravimetric studies of hazard to mining regions produced by suffusion-induced dynamical events (in Polish), 3

J. Dubiński, Z. Fajklewicz, K. Jakiel, B. Syrek, Complex microgravimetric seismological survey in hard coal mine "Gottwald" (in Polish), 17

Z. Fajklewicz, K. Jakiel, S. Porzucek, J. Radomiński, Search for active loosening zones in building basement of coal mine "Nowy Wirek" (in Polish), 31

R. Materzok, T. Janik, W. Grzebyk, M. Król, Modelling of seismic wave fields in the Lubin-Głogów copper region (in Polish), 43

J. Madej, The vertical gravity profiling method (PPGR) applied to the study of distribution of rock density and structural forms in a rock body (in Polish), 51

J. Vilhelm, Application of shallow refraction seismics in the interpretation of geological structure, 59

Z. Kasina, Reconstruction of velocity heterogeneities of medium in the inverse seismic curvilinear tomography problem (in Polish), 61

J. Málek, T. Fischer, M. Coubal, Computation of regional stress tensor from small scale tectonic data, 77

R. Teisseyre, Tensile strength and the rebound seismic in-plane processess, 93

M. Król, M. Ochmański, P. Wiejacz, An attempt of mechanism determination of mining shocks in copper mines (in Polish), 101

B. Syrek, P. Wiejacz, An attempt to determine focal mechanism of October 11, 1985 shock in mine "Gottwald" (in Polish), 121

B. Drzęźla, A. Pham Quang, M. Daoud, Statistical models of seismic hazard for mining shocks in the "Wujek" mine (in Polish), 131

S. Lasocki, Predictive ability of models for distribution of tremor energy (in Polish), 143

J. Nowak, K. Stec, Relation between the energy of tremors and the depth of coal mining (in Polish), 153

A.F. Idziak, G. Sagan, W.M. Zuberek, An analysis of energy distributions of shocks from the upper Silesian Coal Basin (in Polish), 163

P. Kalenda, J. Slavik, K. Holub, R. Sglunda, Determination of energy of seismic events from records of apparatus DSLA, 183

Z. Kaláb, Regional diagnostic polygon in the Ostrava-Karvina Coal Field (OKR), 189

B. Drzęźla, J. Białek, A. Jaworski, P. Bańka, W. Słapa, Distributions of the number and energy of mining shocks nearby active longwall excavations (in Polish), 197

R. Makowski, J. Gronowski, Evaluation of the error in rock mass vibration frequency estimation in some spectral methods of seismic signal analysis (in Polish), 203

K. Holub, Z. Vajter, S. Knotek, L. Trávniček, Application of results of seismologic monitoring during the operation of mine workings in the Ostrava-Karvina Coal Basin, 219

P. Kalenda, J. Slavik, K. Holub, R. Sglunda, Automated way of wave groups identification on records of seismic events in the Ostrava-Karvina Coal Basin, 229

J. Kornowski, The provoked seismic activity (WAS) method for rockburst hazard evaluation. Part I: A model (in Polish), 235

J. Kornowski, The induced seismoacoustic activity (WAS) method for rockburst hazard evaluation. Part II: Subjective hazard and its estimation (in Polish), 251

E. Głowacka, Z. Pilecki, The use of seismoacoustic anomalies in the evaluation of probability of shock occurrence. A case study of records from mine "Marcel" (in Polish), 263

A. Kotyrba, Prediction of water ingress into longwall workings on the basis of electroresistivity profiling data (in Polish), 275

H. Marcak, S. Tomecka-Suchoń, Model of electric conductivity in rock samples subject to triaxial stresses (in Polish), 287

W. Stopiński, A. Ponomariew, A.A. Chromow, E.Ł. Irisowa, W.F. Łoś, W.S. Lekkostup, W.A. Ananiew, Monitoring with electric-resisitivity method of stress field displacement in a rock mass subject to mining-induced deformation - report (in Polish), 301

W. Stopiński, M. Kruś, A. Ponomariew, A. Kolcow, Electric resistivity variations accompanying stick-slip motion in laboratory experiments - report (in Polish), 311

M. Kruś, Inhomogeneity in stress distribution in a focal zone and its possible influence on resistivity variations, 323

S. Barabaś, Radon concentration in deposit gases and rockburst hazard in copper ore mines (in Polish), 333

M. Wysocka, J. Skowronek, Natural radioactivity of coals in the Rybnik-Jastrzębie region (in Polish), 341

J. Lebecka, K. Mnich, K. Lebecki, Z. Kobiela, Radon in gases of outbrustprone zones of mine "Nowa Ruda" (in Polish), 347

B. Kajewski, B. Kołodziejczyk, Measurements and method for remote measurement of temperature anomalies in a rockmass (in Polish), 359

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