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M-18 (273) The Hundredth Anniversary of the First Chair of Geophysics. In Memory of Maurycy Pius Rudzki, Professor of the Jagiellonian University. Stulecie Pierwszej Katedry Geofizyki

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Foreword, 5

Przedmowa, 7

K. Dormus, Maurycy Pius Rudzki and the beginnings of geophysics in Poland and in the world (in Polish), 9

S. Maj, Scientific achievements of M.P. Rudzki (in Polish), 27

K. Ołpińska-Warzechowa, Meteorology and climatology in the works of M.P. Rudzki (in Polish), 43

R. Teisseyre, Marian Smoluchowski as a geophysicist (in Polish), 47

J.L. Borkowski, On Marian Smoluchowski´s views on the upper limit of the atmosphere (in Polish), 51

M. Degórska, B. Rajewska-Więch, J.W. Krzyścin, Surface ozone observation series from Cracow in 1854-1878 and its nowadays importance (in Polish), 55

J. Kowalczuk, The Jagiellonian University and Lvov Polytechnic - collaboration in Earth sciences (in Polish), 61

A. Guterch, M. Grad, Seismic structure of the Earth´s crust between Precambrian and Variscan Europe in Poland, 67

J. Jankowski, J. Marianiuk, On the accuracy of data from magnetic observatories - yesterday and today, 75

C. Królikowski, S. Wybraniec, Gravity and magnetic maps of Poland - historical background and modern presentation, 87

J. Słomka, K. Słomka, Selected results of the investigations of biologically active solar radiation at Belsk in the years 1976-1992, 93

R. Teisseyre, Wave propagation and diffusion of stresses, 99

E. Majewski, Thermodynamics of the core-mantle zone, 105

S.J. Gibowicz, Correlations between the seismic energy parameters and the focal mechanism of seismic events induced by mining, 111

Z. Fajklewicz, Microgravity stochastic prediction for mine tremors and dynamic processes in the rockmass, 127

W.M. Zuberek, B. Żogała, Memory of maximum stresses and maximum temperatures during rock deformation, 133

H. Marcak, Information structure of the geophysical potential field data and its influence on solving inverse problems, 139

P. Krzywiec, K. Pietsch, Seismic stratigraphy of the central part of the Polish Carpathian Foredeep basin, 147

P. Krzywiec, P. Jochym, Characteristics of the subduction zone in the eastern Polish Carpathians - preliminary results of flexural modelling, 155

B. Kołaczek, W. Kosek, Outline of characteristics of polar motion determined by observations, 163

A. Brzeziński, "Broad-band" Liouville equation of polar motion, 173

T. Chojnicki, Earth tide investigations in Poland, 183

A. Łyszkowicz, The new gravimetric geoid for the territory of Poland, 191

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