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M-21 (309) U. Woźnicka, ed., Proceedings of the International Conference "Nuclear Geophysics ´97", Kraków, 20-23 October 1997

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U. Woźnicka, Foreword, 5

J. Niewodniczański, Opening address, 9

J. Łoskiewicz, Opening speech, 11

D.A. Kozhevnikov, A.M. Blumentsev, In memory of Jan A. Czubek, 13

J. Schweitzer, Recent progress in nuclear geophysics, 19

N.G. Sjöstrand, The diffusion approximation - possibilities and limitations, 31

J. Łoskiewicz, How neural networks can be used in well-logging applications, 43

D.A. Kozhevnikov, Nuclear geophysics in petroleum geology and interpretation problems, 55

R. Peveraro, Some trends in information technology in geophysics (abstract), 71

L.N. Voronkov, R.I. Yusupov, V.A. Lifantiev, V.A. Gorgun, AINK-90NG new instrumentation-software complex for pulsed neutron logging and its possible applications in petroleum geophysics, 73

M.F. Middleton, P. Starzec, I. Pázsit, An application of dynamic netron radigraphy to fluid flow in rocks, 81

A.S. Tsybin, Yu.A. Bykovsky, A.E. Shikanov, Analysis of small quantities of matter by using laser-plasma devices, 93

T. Zorski, A. Drabina, M. Stadtmüller, Application of the semi-empirical method of neutron tool calibration in oil industry practice, 103

V.V. Kulyk, S.T. Zwolsky, O.A. Krutoy, Dependence of ³He detector response on contents of anomalous neutron absorbers in rocks (theory and experiment), 117

M. Kopeć, A. Lenda, Extending calibration results for a dual-counter porosity probe with the aid of Monte-Carlo modelling, 137

J.A. Czubek, A. Drabina, U. Woźnicka, Extension of the theoretical approach of the semi-empirical method of neutron tool calibration on the three-layer borehole system, 147

Eu.M. Arm, V.F. Danilov, Eu.V. Mishin, Four-section gas detector designed for the multispaced neutron loigging tool, 161

A.G. Amursky, A.M. Blumentsev, B.Yu. Meltchouk, I.A. Martyanov, V.G. Tseitlin, V.P. Tsirulnikov, A.S. Shkolnikov, Information-measuring system of two-spacing pulsed neutron-neutron log. State-of-the-art and prospects, 167

E. Krynicka, Measurement of the thermal neutron absorption cross section of rocks by a correlation method, 179

A.V. Baranovskaya, Ya.L. Beloray, I.Ya. Kononenko, V.D. Neretin, Methods of nuclear magnetic resonance in solving the oil and gas field production problems (abstract), 187

J. Łoskiewicz, J. Swakoń, K. Kulczykowska, Neural network estimation of rock thermal absorption cross section from natural radioactivity, 189

A. Bolewski Jr., M. Ciechanowski, A. Kreft, T. Massalski, Neutron characteristics of main dolomite and Zechstein limestone, 199

J. Dąbrowska, K. Drozdowicz, B. Gabańska, A. Igielski, M. Kosik, E. Krynicka, et al., Neutron transport physics laboratory oriented to the absorption cross section measurements for geophysics, 205

E.P. Bogolyubov, E.V. Gromov, I.A. Martyanov, V.A. Mikhailov, V.M. Mikhailov, A.E. Shikanov, A.A. Startsev, New Russian pulsed neutron logging tool and technology, 223

V.V. Khabarov, G.S. Kouznetsov, V.V. Turyshev, Nuclear geophysical core analysis of terrigenous rocks of the West Siberia hydrocarbon fields (abstract), 235

A.A. Rogozhin, N.P. Kuzmina, A.N. Chernyshov, Scintillation detectors for nuclear geophysics (abstract), 237

I.A. Martyanov, A.A. Startsev, A.E. Shikanov, E.A. Fedyna, I.V. Rudov, Two-component model of pulsed neutron logging, 239

T. Zorski, Vertical response improvement of the neutron and density logs - deconvolution and matching procedures verified by calibration measurements in thin layered models, 251

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