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M-22 (310) W.M. Zuberek, (ed.), Mining Geophysics. Proceedings of the XXVI Polish-Czech-Slovakian Symposium, Wisła, Poland, September 23-25, 1998; Geofizyka Górnicza. Referaty Przedstawione na XXVI Polsko-Czesko-Słowackim Sympozjum w Wiśle (23-25 września 1998)

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Preface by W.M. Zuberek, 3

I. Mine tremor source mechanisms and methods of their analysis, 5

B. Domański, S.J. Gibowicz, Determination of source time function of mining-induced seismic events by the empirical Green´s function approach, 5

R. Dubiel, The mean local stress tensors for Halemba coal mine area, 15

M. Król, The use of recorded seismic effects of blastings for evaluating the correctness and efficiency of mechanisms and physical parameters of tremors determined in Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine (in Polish), 21

S.J. Gibowicz, Partial stress drop and frictional overshoot mechanism of seismic events induced by mining (abstract), 33

J. Dubiński, K. Stec, J. Gembalczyk, A. Jakubów, Generation of a mine tremor sequence induced by the effects of mining-disturbed rock mass structure at the Zofiówka coal mine (in Polish), 35

II. Seismicity of mining areas - relations with mining and geology, 47

J. Holečko, J. Ptaček, The interrelation between seismicity and structural pattern in the Karviná part of Upper Silesian Coal Basin, 47

R. Čiž, V. Rudajev, Extrapolation of the occurrence of mining tremors by application of neural networks, 53

J. Pierwoła, Comparison of the energy-frequency distributions for tremors located in Bytom Syncline and Main Anticline, Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland (in Polish), 63

P. Kalenda, Comparison of seismoacoustic and seismological energy-frequency distributions in a coal mine, 71

P. Kalenda, V. Veselá, Dependence of forms of spectra on the distance and energy of events, 77

Z. Mortimer, Z. Majewska, S. Lasocki, Generalised fractal dimension of induced seismicity and acoustic emission, 89

J. Buben, J. Kozák, Foreshock and aftershock sequences of rockbursts in coal mine Kladno-Mayrau, 95

P. Klos, V. Rudajev, J. Buben, M. Vencovský, Migration of rockburst foci in the shaft pillar of mine Kladno 2 - Mayrau, 103

III. Development of equipment and measuring methods, 111

A. Leśniak, Analysis of coherent and incoherent components of the wavefield in heterogeneous media (in Polish), 111

R. Wyżgolik, Detection of P-wave arrival time of a seismic signal with the least-squares method employing wavelets as reference signals (in Polish), 127

R. Makowski, Monitoring of vibration modes frequencies for seismic events of a similar location (in Polish), 135

N. Častová, R. Kučera, Z. Kaláb, Presentation of time-frequency decomposition for a mining induced seismic event, 147

Z. Kaláb, J. Knejzlík, Instrumentation of the local seismic stations HRMC and ZLHC (Northern Moravia), 153

J. Koza, Z. Isakov, Results of experimental recording by means of a digital transmission system DTSS at the Wujek colliery (in Polish), 159

J. Málek, Tomographic location of rockbursts using isometrical algorithm, 167

J. Niewiadomski, Application of neural networks to seismic source location (abstract), 171

S. Kowalik, Zone-parallel programming and its application in mining (in Polish), 173

Z. Kaláb, J. Knejzlík, Measurement of seismic manifestations evoked by small blasts in a deep mine, 183

L. Staš, K. Soucek, K. Hortvík, J. Šimkovičová, Measurements of primary horizontal stress in the Czech part of Upper Silesian Basin by using the borehole wall hydrofracturing, 189

A. Matwiejszyn, M. Ptak, Deformation of test holes in the roof of a mining section as a measurable symptom of roof deflection caused by extraction progress and bumps (in Polish), 197

V. Sedlák, Application of electronic sensor in deformation measurements - mine-induced ground subsidence investigation, 209

J. Buben, J. Málek, M. Brož, Device for recording the acoustic emission activity, 213

IV. Rockburst hazard estimation in underground openings and prevention methods, 221

J. Kornowski, A. Waśko, Application of a rheological rock model for stress changes estimation from a series of seismoacoustic measurements, 221

K. Holub, A survey of blasting efficiency, 231

J. Drzewiecki, Seismic and seismology-based effectiveness assessment of the active rokburst prevention methods (in Polish), 237

B. Syrek, Influence of extraction system (caving, hydraulic backfilling) on changes of seismic hazard in the Wujek coal mine (in Polish), 249

A. Laskownicka, The potential forecasting abilities of selected parameters of the seismic tremors series: examples from coal, copper and gold mines (in Polish), 257

G. Mutke, Results of ground motion measurements close to the sources of mining tremors, 267

V. Estimation of the Earth surface damage due to mining extraction, 275

Z. Perski, Abilities of satellite radar interferometry in application to the monitoring of ground subsidence induced by underground mining (in Polish), 275

J. Mirek, S. Lasocki, The use of frequency band attenuation relations for assessing the harmful effects of vibrations produced by mining-induced seismicity (in Polish), 283

E. Maciąg, T. Tatara, K. Jaśkiewicz, Range of seismological investigations required for evaluation of source construction behaviour, 293

A. Prałat, R. Zdunek, The use of electromagnetic geotomograqphy for the investigation of mining damage areas, 301

A. Poláček, Selected results of geophysical measurements at dump pile of Kateřina mine in Radvanice, Bohemia, 313

J. Dubiński, G. Mutke, Aspects of the safe storage of power plant wastes at sites under mining induced seismic hazard, 317

L. Hofrichterová, J. Müllerová, A. Poláček, K. Müller, Contribution of geophysics to the study of mining subsidence basins, 323

VI. Laboratory measurements and modelling of the deformation processes, 331

W. Dębski, Preliminary results of acoustic tomography of a granite sample from the Underground Research Laboratory, Canada (in Polish), 331

J. Sklenář, R. Živor, J. Buben, V. Rudajev, Ultrasonic and seismoacoustic control of rheological deformations of loaded sandstone samples, 337

J. Buben, J. Kozák, Acoustic emission in loaded sandstone specimens as a precursor of sudden failure, 347

M. Kwaśniewski, J. Wang, 3-D numerical modeling and study of mine tremors associated with coal mining in the vicinity of major faults (an extended abstract), 351

Z. Pilecki, E. Pilecka, T. Gołębiowski, Z. Gerlach, Dynamical analysis of the effect of a mining-induced tremor on excavation (in Polish), 365

VII. Miscelanea, 375

M. Wysocka, J. Skowronek, B. Syrek, G. Poręba, Changes of radon concentration in soil gas over some main faults in Upper Silesia Coal Basin, 375

L. Hofrichterová, A. Poláček, K. Müller, Geophysical measurements performed to assess the suitability of insulation objects in the deposit of Medened, 385

K. Müller, L. Hofrichterová, Geophysical courses at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, 388

List of reviewers, 393

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