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M-1 (97) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach (Some Geophysical Problems in Mines), Krościenko, 21-24 X 1974

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V. Roček, V. Rudajev, The rock bursts in the Kladno region and possibilities of there prevention (in Czech with English summary), 3

V. Rudajev, K. Pěč, J. Buben, Prediction of rockburst in Kladno colliery by means of the two-channel Wiener predictive filtration (in Czech with English summary), 15

Z. Klonowski, T. Dybeł, The influence of the geologic-mining factors upon shock epicentre concentration (in Polish with English summary), 29

A. Krawiec, J. Kornowski, M. Trombik, The application of computer technique to the problem of crumping: its perspectives and needs (in Polish with English abstract), 57

J. Kowalczuk, S. Małoszewski, Preliminary results of studies with applied geophysics methods from the point of view of prediction of rockbursts and collapses in the Upper Silesian Coal Region (in Polish with English abstract), 69

H. Marcak, Mathematical models of rockburst prediction based on the seismological data (in Polish with English abstract), 77

J. Buben, Field seismograph with automatic triggering of the magnetic tape recorder (in Czech with English summary), 89

A. Kijko, The analysis of precise locating earthquakes in the region of Upper Silesia by the network of regional seismic stations (in Polish with English summary), 103

A. Kijko, On precise locating of the mine shock by help of the system of azimuth seismic stations (in Polish with English abstract), 121

P. Fučík, Determination of spectra of body waves (in Czech with English summary), 131

Z. Droste, R. Teisseyre, Some cases of the shock mechanism types in the Upper Silesia coal region (in Polish with English abstract), 141

Z. Droste, R. Teisseyre, Rotational and displacemental components of ground motion as deduced from data of the azimuth system of seismographs (in Polish with English abstract), 157

J. Sklenář, Some results and practical experience with in situ measurements by means of ultrasonics (in Czech with English summary), 169

M. Brož, P. Fučík, Automatic processing of the time sequence of seismoacoustic impulses (in Czech with English summary), 179

J. Šimáně, Digital device for recording the seismoacoustic activity of the rock mass (in Czech with English summary), 191

N. Nadirašvili, Seismoacoustic research of rock massif of mangan mine (in Czech with English summary), 207

E. Bek, K. Valík, Apparatus for operating control and evaluation of seismoacoustic impulses (in Czech with English summary), 213

Z. Fajklewicz, The application of microgravimetry in coal mining (in Polish with English abstract), 223

L. Hrdlička, The location procedure by the low-frequency electromagnetic method (in Czech with English summary), 235

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