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M-2 (123) Wybrane Zagadnienia Geofizycznych Badań w Kopalniach, Świerklaniec, 25-29 X 1976 *** Some Geophysical Problems in Mines

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Preface, 3

M. Båth, Recent rockburst research at Uppsala, 5

F. Fučík, V. Rudajev, Physical parameters of rockburst sources, 21

L. Mužík, Long-term recording system of the stress variations in region prone to rockbursts, 37

J. Sklenář, Application of ultrasonics in mining geomechanics, 45

R. Teisseyre, J. Hordejuk, J. Niewiadomski, Some problems of non-elastic deformations and stresses in a cracked orogen (in Polish with English abstract), 51

J. Dubiński, Z. Gerlach, F. Kempny, M. Szot, A determination of dynamic effects of the extraction of coal seams endangered by bumps on the surface in geological and mining conditions of the "Wujek" colliery (in Polish with English abstract), 59

A. Krawiec, J. Domżał, Application of complex methods to the determination of the effectiveness of water injection into a coal seam (in Polish with English abstract), 71

S. Tomecka-Suchoń, Methods of statistical interpretation of regional seismic data for the Upper Silesia region (in Polish with English abstract), 79

A. Kijko, On the optimum extension of regional networks of seismic stations. Part II. An analysis of extension by adding two or three stations simultaneously (in Polish with English abstract), 87

A. Kijko, E. Głowacka, Analysis of seismic shock location accuracy with the use of the S waves in Upper Silesia (in Polish with English abstract), 107

B. Drzęźla, A.J. Mendecki, Algorithms for the horizontal location of epicenters of shocks and rockbursts and the determination of seismic wave velocity (in Polish with English abstract), 119

A. Kijko, S. Ślęzak, An analysis of location accuracy of mining tremors by the seismic network of "Szombierki" mine (in Polish with English abstract), 129

M. Kazimierczyk, Location of tremor foci in mines taking into account the rock mass properties (in Polish with English abstract), 135

M. Brož, V. Roček, Seismoacoustic and convergence measurements in the Příbram mining region prone to rockbursts, 151

B. Staš, L. Dlouhý, S. Knotek, Z. Novotný, V. Zbubna, Application of seismoacoustic methods to the rock burst prevention system in the Doubrava Colliery, Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin, 165

J. Kornowski, M. Trombik, W. Zuberek, Results of microseismic source location at the "Szombierki" coal mine (in Polish with English abstract), 181

J. Światłoch, M. Trombik, An implementation of seismoacoustic methods in the evaluation of rock burst hazard at the "Pokój" colliery (in Polish with English abstract), 197

Z. Droste, Selected problems of spectral analysis in application to shocks from the Upper Silesia region (in Polish with English abstract), 211

Z. Droste, Filtration parameters in the spectrum-time analysis of near shocks (in Polish with English abstract), 229

S.J. Gibowicz, A. Cichowicz, T. Dybeł, Seismic moment and source size of mining tremors recorded by wide frequency-band seismic station in the "Miechowice" coal mine, Poland (in Polish with English abstract), 239

S.J. Gibowicz, A. Cichowicz, A. Bober, M. Kazimierczyk, Spectral and physical parameters of mining tremors in the "Lubin" copper mine, Poland (in Polish with English abstract), 253

A. Bober, M. Kazimierczyk, Seismic activity and the roof fall mining in the "Lubin" copper mine (in Polish with English abstract), 271

W. Stopiński, A. Jesionek, R. Samborski, A. Bober, Preliminary results of rock resistivity investigations in copper mine "Lubin" and their relation to the increase of stresses in the rock mass (in Polish with English abstract), 289

M. Brož, J. Buben, K. Pěč, Engineering seismograph with reproducing and data processing system, 313

J. Tylec, Z. Tabaka, The transfer function for a seismic recording channel of the T8100 system (in Polish with English abstract), 325

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