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M-24 (340) W. Zuberek (ed.), Mining Geophysics. Selected and Revised Contributions to the XXVIII Polish-Czech-Slovakian Symposium held at Niedzica on June 11-13, 2001

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W. Zuberek, Preface, 3

B. Domański, S.J. Gibowicz, P. Wiejacz, Source time functions of seismic events induced at a copper mine in Poland: empirical Green´s function approach in the frequency and time domains (in Polish), 5

R. Dubiel, Variations of the local stress field in the vicinity of Kłodnicki fault, 29

P. Kalenda, L. Skalský, Verification of the load-unload response ratio theory in the conditions of induced seismicity in the Ostrava-Karvina Coal Basin, 35

J. Kornowski, Linearized theory of acoustic emission from a coal longwall, with applications, 53

M. Brož, J. Málek, B. Růžek, M. Horáček, Seismic events at the underground gas storage Háje-Přibram (Czech Republic) (abstract), 71

J. Niewiadomski, Detection of seismic signals on noisy seismograms (in Polish), 73

R. Wyżgolik, Wavelet analysis in approximation of small-amplitude seismic signals (in Polish), 81

Z. Kaláb, J. Knejzlík, Systematic measurement and preliminary evaluation of seismic vibrations provoked by mining induced seismicity in the Karviná area, 95

B. Orlecka-Sikora, S. Lasocki, Clustered structure of seismicity from the Legnica-Głogów copper district (in Polish), 105

D. Čápová, Z. Kaláb, GIS project to monitor induced seismic activity in areas of abandoned underground mines, 121

K. Holub, J. Rušajová, J. Holečko, Occurrence of induced seismic events in Staříč and Paskov mine fields, 131

A. Laskownicka, Quality control analysis of behaviour of epicentre distribution parameterizations before the occurrence of strong tremors in mines, 143

J. Buben, V. Rudajev, Seismic hazard assessment based on instrumental records of ground motion, 157

J. Buben, M. Brož, Apparatus for recording rotation component of seismic waves, 171

J. Mirek, SEJS-NET: Wide area network system for ground vibration monitoring (in Polish), 181

J. Knejzlík, Z. Kaláb, Seismic recording apparatus PCM3-EPC, 187

J. Cabała, Geological structure and physical features of rock mass in Zawiercie Zn-Pb ore region, 195

S.R. Ćmiel, A.F. Idziak, Characteristics of paleostress field in the Kłodnicki fault zone (Upper Silesian Coal Basin) based on optical anisotropy of coal, 205

P. Bláha, Selected examples of seismic tomography usage in mining and geotechnics, 215

R. Živor, P. Klos,J. Pechoč, M. Brož, The effect of mining activity on the surface in the safety shaft pillar area of Mayrau mine, 227

K. Jochymczyk, Changes of seismic waves propagation caused by underground mining exploitation (in Polish), 237

J. Pierwoła, K. Jochymczyk, Studies of correlation between mining induced seismicity and surface deformation for longwall 201, Katowice-Kleofas coal mine, 245

D. Kaczor, Calculation of the second rank tensor of the electrical conductivity based on geoelectrical measurements, 253

E. Markowski,J. Kornowski, W. Zuberek, Measurements with some analysis of mining induced seismic events recorded on the surface of the Bytom Coal Co. region, 263

S. Porzucek, A. Leśniak, Euler deconvolution of microgravity data for evaluation of depth of postmining loosened zones (in Polish), 277

J. Madej, K. Jakiel, S. Porzucek, Microgravimetric research into a degree of backfilling in small inactive postmining shafts in Olkusz (in Polish), 289

Z. Majewska, Distribution of low and high frequency components of acoustic emission signals in rock under compression, 303

Z. Majewska, Z. Mortimer, Variations of the correlation dimension of acoustic emission from rocks under compression, 313

M. Kwaśniewski, M. Takahashi, X. Li, On the dilatant behaviour of sandstone under true triaxial compression conditions (extended abstract), 321

A. Prałat, Electromagnetic emission from rocks in Lubin Basin, 325

T. Cyrul, Z. Majewska, Acoustic emission in rocks exhibiting class I and II of post-failure behaviour (in Polish), 333

J. Veverka, J. Vilhelm, V. Rudajev, T. Lokajiček, R. Čiž, Acoustic emission as a tool for evaluation of rock instability - laboratory study (abstract), 353

P. Bláha, K. Müller, The significance of geophysical monitoring in geotechnical practice, 355

Z. Pilecki, Some geological engineering research for the needs of road tunnel construction in the Carpathian Flysch (in Polish), 367

Z. Pilecki, Geotechnical model of rock mass for road tunnel projection in the Carpathian Flysch (in Polish), 383

D. Malczewski, Metamict state: Implication for stabilization and immobilization of nuclear high-level waste (HLW), 397

J. Gibas, The research of waterflow in porous carbonate rocks of the Nowa Wioska Dolomite Mine using geoelectrical methods, 405

M. Król, R. Tomaszewska, Comparison of direct structural research and shallow seismic refraction method in systematic joints study, 413

List of reviewers, 419

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